Tacos Reviews

Salt Lake City/Provo Utah

El Paisa taco cartSalt Lake City, UTBestAcross from Ferrari dealership In my opinion the best tacos in Utah. There are several other carts in this area (Sears) and they are all authentic and decent, but this one is by far the best.
Chunga'sProvo, UTExcellentYummy tacos al pastor that are sweeter than normal and the tortillas are better than most. Slightly above average prices.
PastoreroProvo, UTExcellentQuality varies but in general the most authentic (if not best tasting) tacos al pastor I've had in Utah. Excellent salsa.
Taqueria el VaqueroProvo, UTA has-beenUsed to be Los Once Hermanos. Consistently excellent carne asada tacos; birria is pretty good; Delicious red salsa. Update: has changed owners several times and meat has been too salty last couple times.
Red IguanaSalt Lake City, UTBlahCarne asada tastes like taco seasoning; fish tacos don't taste like fish
Gallo GiroProvo, UTExcellent*But unpredictable. I've eaten here ~100 times and I've possibly never had the same dish served/cooked the exact same way. Aside from that, Asada is good, Al pastor is good but not authentic. Salsa is nothing special. Very good molcajete (rock). Excellent prices and good combo deals, I go here more than anywhere else.
El AztecaProvo, UTBlah
BetosProvo, UTHorribleTacos here are horrible, but burritos great.
Los HermanosProvo, UTBlahNot a place for serious mexican food.
Diego'sProvo, UTDecentNot special IMO.
GuanajuatoProvo, UTGoodAuthentic and good, but not great
Maria BonitaOremGoodEspecially their flautas
Lone Star TaqueriaSalt Lake City, UTDecentFish was ok not amazing
MexsalProvo, UTDecentnot authentic
Cafe RioUTBlahAwesome burritos and salads, but don't get a taco here.
BajioUTBlahditto except shrimp tacos are excellent
Costa VidaUTBlahditto Cafe Rio


I've had tacos at hundreds (literally) of places in Mexico, and since there are good tacos most everywhere I'll only list the very best/unique places.

North Zocalo of Amecameca, estado de mexicoBestThese are the most amazing tacos I've ever had. They are breakfast tacos (until ~noon) with slabs of meat the size of your hands with huge blue corn tortillas.
North Zocalo of Amecameca, estado de mexicoBestAmazing tacos de birria and consome. Again only there in morning.
Tepetlixpa, estado de mexicoVery goodThe cecina here is very good.

Date: 2011-02-14