MacBook Pro

Some things I don't like about the MacBook Pro.

Slit your wrists

Edges are way too sharp. I feel like someone is trying to cut my wrists or any other part of your body that occasionally comes in contact with the edge.

Weak hing

Hing on a one month old 15" is so lose that holding the base at 70deg (so screen roughly 90deg) causes screen to fall down on top of your hands/keyboard.

Missing important keys

No pageup/pagedown keys: you can use ctrl-down but it gets old and requires two hands to do comfortably. No home or end keys gets annoying for going to beginning and end of long documents. Welcome back to iPhone browsing (there's no fast way to go to the bottom of a page). Insert is nice to have for apps/terminals/Linux when shift-insert is used for pasting.

Touchpad misses taps

Touchpad doesn't seem very accurate. Clicking or double clicking with tap often doesn't register.

Hijacked function keys

I prefer dedicated keys for play/volume that I use a lot.


I actually don't really like chiclet keyboards. Not sure why.

Alt is better for Emacs

I don't like how the option key is meta (alt) by default, since I use that a lot more (Emacs) than super (Windows key), which is bound the Command key, and has the better spot.

Show desktop etc keystrokes are not as good as windows key combos. Function keys should be used for app features, not system features.

Date: 2010-04-21